Meditation is a gift for your life.

Do you want to experience for yourself what meditation promises but feel wobbly about making meditation make sense in your modern life, and as a result, are dabbling in a variety of modalities that don’t really work?

Well, I’m here to change all that.

I provide personalized guidance and support to help you make meditation your go-to practice so you stop the exhausting self-help pursuits, start listening to your heart and get busy living the life you're made for.

What makes me different from the other meditation teachers out there is I blend meditation and life coaching and guide you to your own inner answers which means you no longer need to resort to the latest program or guru but learn - now and forever - to trust the voice of your soul. You could say I’m like the Tootsie Pop of meditation teachers, helping customers get to the “prize” within, your unshakable core of peace, wisdom, and joy.

After working with me, you'll know you deserve to thrive and know how to get there. You'll feel empowered to let your heart lead your life, and finally, show up for others who need your loving presence in a hurting world.

And that is a beautiful thing.



You could say meditation found me.

I had a eureka moment when something within me—something like a still, small voice—prompted me to learn to meditate. It was a decision that changed everything.

Before that, I'd tried all sorts of novel approaches to doctor-up the bumps and scars wrought by life. Through meditation, I finally learned to be present in the here and now, and began to understand what Jesus meant when he said, “… the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21). Much to my surprise, there was no need to search outside of myself for peace and happiness. Absolute well-being, I found, was an inside job.

I joyfully teach meditation to anyone with a desire to learn. I'm creative and curious and have a broad range of experiences.  I've worked in corporate America, owned and operated a small business, balanced work and family, and whole-heartedly engaged in a courageous journey of self-realization. Today I'm fully committed to guiding people on the most exciting adventure of all: the journey inward.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to learn and engage in the life-changing impact of the practice.  My passion is helping people shift to a new way of living—living from within. My approach is one of kindness, compassion, and love.  If you’re interested in learning more about meditation, contact me by calling 563.275.6463 or by sending a message.


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