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Get an extra level of support from Angela as you commit to daily meditation. You'll get a text message first thing in the morning for 30 days with an encouraging word, helpful tip, or daily reminder that will help you make meditation a non-negotiable daily habit. $9

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Meditation Essentials Class with Angela Swanson

Easy to learn. Easy to stick with. It's the practice you'll commit to because you'll see it working in your life.

A daily meditation practice helps you create a new normal; one where you feel better, sleep better, are more present, more self-aware, and are connected to your unshakable core of peace.

When you know how to meditate unguided, you can meditate anytime, anywhere with confidence - it's a skill that you'll use for a lifetime.

Meditation Essentials class is taught live online with Angela Swanson via Zoom. It's  open to anyone, whether you're brand new to meditation, or simply want to get back on track with your practice. No prior experience is necessary. All you need is your willingness to learn.

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What you'll get:

  • Expert instruction from Angela with a small group of students for a personalized, intimate experience
  • Ample time during the course for practicing, asking questions and discussion
  • Free retakes so you can take the class again and again at no cost
  • Invitation to become a member of The Moment so you can continue to be personally guided and supported as you learn, get consistent, and grow in your practice
  • Course booklet and CD (available for additional $15 purchase)

You’ll learn and experience these practices:

  • Balancing Breath Technique
  • Mindful Body Awareness Practice
  • Mindful Breath Awareness Meditation
  • Heart-Centered Breath Practice
  • Self-Inquiry Practice
  • Silent Sound (mantra) Meditation

You'll also learn:

  • Where meditation comes from and why it works
  • The basics of successful meditation
  • What meditation is and what it isn’t
  • The 3 ingredients required for any meditation
  • The 5 essentials of a successful practice
  • The physical, mental, emotional, and lifestyle benefits that will unfold
  • What experiences you might have
  • How you can be more mindful in your everyday life
  • The effects of stress: how it accumulates and how to release it
  • Recent research findings on meditation and the brain
  • How the state of meditation changes the traits of your brain
  • 3 ways meditation trains your attention
  • Easy-to-use meditation techniques
  • What transcendence is and why it is so powerful
  • How to meditate anywhere and how to create a successful personal practice
  • What to do when you are stressed and how to use Peacefinder Practices™

Class will be held live online via Zoom. You can join via phone or computer.

Details and instructions to log into Zoom will be emailed to you once registered.

Meditation changed my life. That's why I became a teacher. It's my calling to demystify meditation and make it easy for you to learn. I'm so honored to share it with you. For more about me, meditation, and my work, please visit www.cloudninemeditation.com.

Love, Angela

Angela Swanson is a Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor (CMMI), Certified MMI Mindful® Trainer, and Life Coach. 

What People Are Saying:

“I didn’t feel I had the time to take this class, but I’m glad I did it anyway because now I’ve taken my meditation practice to a new level. I’m meditating on my own (rather than using props) and I’ve extended the length of my practice. I feel even more committed than before! Angela is a great teacher, I’d recommend her class to anyone.”

Marcia S.

“I wanted to learn to meditate but I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to do it correctly. Since learning with Angela, I’m able to meditate anywhere, anytime and already feel calmer and have a better relationship with my family. Angela is a fabulous teacher. Her meditation class was a great experience for me. Because I’m giving myself permission to take time for myself and meditate, I’m feeling peace, I have more patience and self-awareness, and I’m being in the present! Being present is something I never understood and now cherish. ”

Kara S.

“I always had this idea that it would take a lot of time and that my mind was too active to properly meditate. You taught me that it is indeed simple and easy. Thank you!”

Bill T.

“We can't thank you enough for sharing your gift of meditation. You are a wonderful teacher!”

Mary W.

“I notice things are off in my life when I don't get in my meditation. I really feel so much calmer and in control of myself and my emotions when I do it... and that is a tremendous blessing in my life! So thank you for that!”

Rossana N.

“Angela is a wonderful meditation teacher. She embodies what every meditator can – inner peace, grace, wisdom, compassion, creativity and joy. She shares meditation easily and anyone who learns to meditate with her is really fortunate!”

Sarah McLean

“I had tried other meditation classes before but ended up more frustrated than successful with the process. I was somewhat skeptical that this would be any different. However, Angela's sincere enthusiasm convinced me to give the class a try. I am so glad I did! Angela genuinely wanted everyone in her class to experience the same positive benefits of meditation that she has had. I would highly recommend her class to anyone interested in learning to meditate. ”

James S.

“I was totally impressed with this class. I enjoyed the casual atmosphere and the smaller group size. It seems very personalized and I felt comfortable. Since learning to meditate, I now feel a sense of peace… and seem to choose my battles in regards to little things that irritated me before, no longer seem to get to me.”

Jennifer H.