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get started. get consistent. go deeper.

Get the most out of meditation - no matter where you're at on your journey. Join my online meditation service for personalized guidance via live weekly sessions, classes and workshops, rich resources, and more. Plus daily inspiration and support in a robust, nourishing community.


meditation for modern life.

empowering meditation service.

Learn, practice, and grow. Meditating on a regular basis is the secret to feeling good and finding the peace, inner nourishment, and positive change you've been looking for. Learn from and guided by a pro.

Online meditation service:

$49/mo. Cancel anytime.


make meditation a daily habit.

A coach in your pocket. Get essential tips, reminders, and nuggets of wisdom that make meditation easier and help you make it a non-negotiable daily habit. Consistency is the key to seeing the change you crave.

30 days of text messages:



inspirational daily text messages.

Sweet medicine for your soul. Receiving an inspiring text message first thing in the morning infuses your mind with good energy, points you in a positive direction and sets the tone for the whole day.

Monthly subscription text service:

$4.99/mo. Cancel anytime.


When you feel good, you do good. That's why joy is necessary.

Love, Angela

meditation helps you get better at life.

Making meditation a non-negotiable daily habit is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Not only for yourself but for your family, friends, community and the world.

Change your relationship to stress. Meditators get stressed but don't stay stressed. Chronic stress is what leads to disease, disfunction, and disharmony.

Retrain your brain to be calm, clear and happy. You no longer have to tangle with the monkeys in your mind. You can put your mind in service to your soul.

Know who you are and what you really want. Awaken to your greatness and be a blessing to others. The ripple effect is real and starts within you.

"Meditating and learning with you, I'm feeling happier and more at peace than I have in a LONG time. This is an amazing gift to myself!"

Linda B.

meditating together is magic.

The Moment was made for you. All you need to do is show up, get comfy, and glide into the moment where you're effortlessly guided and unconditionally welcomed. This is your no-questions-asked-free-pass to soak in the luxury of not doing.


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